Laser and Press Brake

 At JB Engineering we use an AMADA HFE Mk2 130-3 to bend aluminium, stainless steel or steel. The AMADA HFE Mk2 130-3 can press up to 130 tonnes of pressure and has a 3 metre long bed which we use to produce a vast range of products which include cabinets, step bending, and stainless steel brackets. The AMADA can bend any thickness up to 10mm and can produce over 90 degree bends, because of this we are able to produce products like cones. Our press brake staff have a wealth of knowledge and experience and as a result are very efficient when using the press brake. Our staffs try to reduce waste by being precise and efficient when using the press brake. 

Our laser, bending and fabrication department covers laser profiling, pressing, fabrication and welding, technical advice, bespoke projects, trouble – shooting customer ideas/jobs, design and customer support. These services create a strong bond with our customers from start to finish on a project.

The department is headed by Nathan Laban (Operations Director); Nathan is supported by CAD/CAM Laser Programmers, Laser Services Technician, Welding and Fabrication team, labourers and drivers. Our laser programmers are front line customer service and manage quotes and orders. The Laser Services Technician runs and trouble shoots the laser machine and prepares customer orders for delivery. Nathan leads from the front and supports his team on a daily basis. Nathan’s top priority is to provide all customers with quality goods and in good time. Nathan and his team proud themselves on fast response times and quality.

The department has a fully equipped workshop which consists of Laser profiling machine, Press Brake, Fabrication booths, one which is specifically used for stainless work. 

Please note we have just commissioned a new Trumpf TruLaser 3030 fibre in April 2016 of this year. This investment means that we can now branch out into other materials such as copper and brass and can cut thicker stainless steels up to 20mm, Aluminium 20mm and mild steel 25mm. The profiles are really clean due to the bright line technology; this speeds up cutting time.