Our History

JB Engineering (Hatton) Ltd is a family owned business which was established back in 1971 by Barrie Evans. Prior to JB Engineering Barrie had been in partnership with his Father (Stan) and brothers (Dennis, Peter and David). The company was called Stan Evans & Sons (Hatton) Ltd. It was in 1962 that Stan Evans took the first step of setting up a small engineering workshop next door to his home on Scropton lane (Hatton) supplying Claytons Equipment Ltd with small fabricated parts. In 1965 Stan Evans had the opportunity to purchase land and premises from Staffordshire Farmers Ltd which was next to Hatton train station. Stan Evans had good business foresight and moved Stan Evans & Sons (Hatton) Ltd into these premises the same year.

The move was also necessitated by a fire which rumour has it was caused when one lunch break someone left their overalls on a wood burner which resulted in damage to the wooden workshop.  

In 1971 Barrie Evans was given the opportunity by his parents to purchase a small part of the land and premises used by Stan Evans & Sons (Hatton) Ltd. This enabled Barrie to start of JB Engineering (Hatton); over the year’s further land and premises have been purchased. JB Engineering (Hatton) Ltd now includes two workshops and separate office space. 

Neil Evans joined the Company in 1987 upon leaving school and started his engineering apprenticeship under the watchful eyes of his father Barrie. Neil progressed though the Company and in December 2000 became a Director. 

In 2006 the Company went through a massive period of uncertainty when Barrie Evans suddenly died. This event produced many challenges for the Company and the remaining director Neil Evans. An investment into laser profiling meant the company had just purchased a state of the art laser profiling machine with only a small customer base and one employee running the service. The yard was full of scrap metal that Barrie had been loathed to recycle; with the rest of yard space taken up by a fully sized sailing boat.

With the support of JB employees, sub-contractors and family the Company took on the many challenges and transformed the company. New directors were appointed; Jayne Bellenie, Nathan Laban and Helen Williams. Today the Company continues to develop and embrace new challenges and is determined to never again give house room to a sailing boat.

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