Press Brake Services

 At JB Engineering we use an AMADA HFE Mk2 130-3 to bend aluminium, steel or stainless steel. The AMADA HFE Mk2 130-3 can press up to 130 tonnes of pressure and has a 3 metre long bed which we use to produce a vast range of products which include cabinets, step bending, and stainless brackets. The AMADA can bend any thickness up to 10mm and can bend over 90 degree bends because of this we are able to produce products like cones. Our press brake team have a wealth of knowledge and experience and as a result are very efficient when using the press brake. 

Our engineers have produced an array of bespoke mechanical fabrications. From machines that sample soil for the mining industry to a tool to restore beer kegs rims for the mechanised beer industry.  Contact us for a quote to resolve your particular issue.